• Locate on a map a remote computer or a hacker accessing to your PC regardless of its position in the world:

When FayeTracker detects a suspicious connection on your computer:

  1. click on the button "pause"  if you are in "automatic mode", then select the processus name in the list
  2. click on the "locate" button.
  3. a new window will show you the exact spot from which the attacker or the remote server connects to your computer.
  4. you can zoom in for more details on the location.
  • Detect the presence of unauthorized access to your PC:

Example: home intrusion by activating your webcam remotely, unauthorized access, trapping your computer by a remote attacker. In the same way, you can view the activity of all the hidden softwares (spywares, cookies, traps) installed without your knowledge on your computer.

  • Discover sub-executables hidden in usefuls applications that you install on your computer establishing connections to the Internet from your computer.
  1. put your computer online
  2. run FayeTracker
  3. click on the "DISPLAY/ON" button
  • "Trace" the "route" of the intruder through internet and keep evidences for investigations.