• Detect hackers activities on your computer.
  • Locate on a map precisely the position of the server (computer) or remote hackers accessing to your computer.
  • Monitor access to your computer and detect all the unauthorized and anonyme access while you are surfing on internet.
  • Test your computer by connecting to the Internet and closing all your browsers; normally, the test result is «green»
  • the fayetracker ' status color  is usually «green» / «yellow» when browsing the internet. If you get a  "red" result, remote access connections on your computer with spywares  commonly used by hackers are ongoing. FayeTRACKER list you the applications (process name, location on your hard disk) initializing this traffic; Use the "kill" button to stop a process or the "Add Remove MSWindows Program" to uninstall the application in question.
  • "Trace" the "route" of the intruder through internet and keep evidences for investigation.