Presentation software FayeTRACKER V X.Y.Z

(X software version, Y database attacks signatures version, Z build version)

Today, computer hacking by remote intrusion on a personal computer through the internet is in increase and represents a major threat for the populations:

  • theft of bank details,
  • the usage by hackers of your personal computer to carry out attacks on the web (Botnets).
  • espionage of your privacy.
  • capture of your personal privacy information by members of your surrounding or through a remote attacker spywares, spywares advertising cookies.

These spywares are becoming more troublesome and difficult to avoid, even for the advanced user.

Launch FayeTracker software at least once a week to check the security status of your computer, you can also choose to use the software FayeTRACKER while you are surfing the internet or you are working on a computer connected to the cyberspace; (You must have a computer with good CPU processor).

FayeTRACKER allows you to display and control, in real time, all connections established between your computer and the outside world (cyberspace).

  • The ">" button allows you to switch "simplified mode"/ "details mode".
  • Click "locate" to display the position of the attacker or the remote server.
  • Click "infos process" to display all information you need to learn more about a unknown process found on your computer.
  • Click "Trace" to trace the "route" of the intruder through internet and keep evidences for FORENSIC investigation
  • Click "Kill" to abort unknown connections

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